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The most heart wrenching part of dealing with Post Natal Depression? The shame

I know because we have seen countless women who have dealt with this absolute monster of a condition. You are blessed with someone you have yearned for, your new son or daughter. And for some reason you feel disconnect and constantly low

Let me explain

Depression is not merely feeling upset. It is numbness. And when you feel nothing, it can be completely soul destroying unless you do something about it.

Depression in any sense is not a transitional mood. It is a state that is predisposed by your hormones, your brain activity and even your physical state. But we can work with this

Take your first 3 steps to alleviating your post-natal depression by following the steps in this video produced by our counsellor, Nicole. Talk to others, utilise your social network, embrace your loved ones. There are around 7 billion people on this planet and you’ll be lucky to have 5 that love you. Embrace them

And you know we’re always here. Helping is our mission. Please, do not suffer in silence. Fill out the details below to book a free consultation with our counsellor, Nicole

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