What Hamstring Tear? | Harry Kingdon

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#ForTheMotivated | Harry Kingdon
What torn quad? Harry is squatting and deadlifting more than his body weight and sprinting against band tension for 30 seconds straight…
But this wasn’t always the case. As a key and talented player at Dartford FC, Harry was feeling the pressure. His hamstring was torn and he’d injured his back when he came limping through the clinic doors.
We had one aim; get Harry playing again ASAP.
First we focused on pain relief with focused stretches and treatment. We then move onto static holds where Harry loads the hamstring without excessive trauma.
Function surely returns which then leads us to strength and conditioning. Harry has started strength and conditioning with myself to aid his football. His speed will increase and rate of injury decrease.
He will play better and for longer. And why not? Who wants to see their passion end with an unfortunate injury
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