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Harman_Fotor“I don’t have time to dedicate to my health and fitness” is something you won’t hear Harman say.

In the last 5 years Harman has built a fantastic business for himself… and two of those he’s dedicated a significant amount of time to his fitness. Now, when working a 50+hour week and driving up to 6 hours a day, how much is a significant amount of time?

2 hours of training a week and a common sensical approach to nutrition. That’s what we’ve worked on to create Harman’s figure today.

Want to see how Harman achieved his goals? See Harman’s favourite exercises below

BENCH (top ramp 10%) 2 9 82.5
OHP 2 8 45
LEG PRESS (ISO monster) 3 10 145
SQUAT 2 12 60
BENT ROW 10 6 upper body sessions 100kg
Hamstring curl 2 10 6
close grip 2 9 60
knee extension 2 10 10


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