Jane | Torn Quad to Epic Lift

Jane had torn her quad. She limped into the clinic which was then run from my mum’s living room 3 years ago. Heavily bruised, her quadricep (thigh) needed a specialised rehab plan. We focused on muscular balancing as well as pain relief and power; and then Jane took it that step further
Jane’s been training with myself 1-3 times a week since we opened up the clinic in our shop front location on windmill street. Her netball, health and energy levels have all improved and she feels she has an extra spring in her step (even on an off day)
EXERCISE reps weight sets
Hang clean and jerk ( every 2 mins) 3 35 6
Deadlifts (every 2mins) 3 60 5
Pull Ups 5
Tricep pull down 12
Adductor, abductor 15 5
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