What Stories Will You Tell? What Wealth will You Have?

I have one hundred and one things to do today yet felt compelled to write this post because what I’m about to talk about touched me in a certain way that will undoubtedly inspire me even more so, from this day forward.

Yesterday I was hugging this beautiful woman below who is my Grandma. She’s seen WW2, has held multiple jobs and owned multiple properties. But what are her memories? People and experiences. That is all. Not wealth; not possessions; not TV episodes, nights in, lay ins or conflict. Just people and experiences.

Grandma 1


Interactions with people; how they’ve touched her in some way or how she has touched them and experiences throughout the world have now become my Grandmas possessions. It is what she carries with her and it is what she will pass down to us, the next generation. And through us she will live forever.

So how did this change me? It makes me want to increase my possessions. My true wealth. Yes I want to leave financial stability to my future children but I want to tell them about how I trekked this mountain; how I changed this industry; how I inspired others; how I ran this marathon; built this school; set up a business when I was 19 which I grew to 1000 + customers by the time I was 24.

Regrets? No. They’re not part of my possessional wealth. And I will keep them to a minimum.

So what adventures are you embarking on? I’ve just finished a 9mile charity run and am currently training to climb 3 Mountains for charity. Come and join us. Pick a challenge, train for it, and build stories that will undoubtedly become your wealth.

How can we help you to create your stories?

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