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Anyone see Anthony Joshua’s 2 round destruction of Charles Martin?! Amazing. Much respect to both fighters. It take a huge effort to enter the ring but whilst watching the fight my friend, Michael, brought up a good point. Since feeling the power of Anthony Joshua in the first round, it seemed Charles Martin was frozen solid.

So how do we replicate this power? We want to develop maximum leverage over a large range of motion. Anthony Joshua takes maximal advantage over his reach by accelerating his punch until it makes impact. It’s like putting a sports car on a longer stretch of road to reach maximal speed



This will come with technique but we can also add resistant bands to exercises such as the bench press and also mimic a hook by pulling on the band with our back hand and throwing the hook over the top (remember the majority of power for the hook is developed from the opposite side to the punch)


By adding resistance bands to the exercise, it gets increasingly harder towards the end of the movement. This will mimic the increased acceleration needed throughout the punch.

We can do this with the over head press, the bench press, mimicked hook and even cleans. See an instructional video below. Stick to 3-5 reps to develop maximal strength and power without increasing muscle mass to the point that making weight is difficult. These movements also improve flexibility leading to increased range of motion and therefore leverage.


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