Setting Goals | Gravesend Personal Trainer Explains How

Setting goals can actually be a source of anxiety. Let me explain. Just watch the video below

This is why we teach excellence in execution of behaviours. And we place greater importance on this than the outcome goals themselves. This is important. It reduces anxiety placed around goals that are in the clouds and puts out progress under our control.

Let me propose a task to you. Pick an outcome goal such as

  • I want to lose 3 stones by the end of the year
  • I want to be a dress size smaller in 8 weeks

And then look at the behaviours that are effecting the achievement of your goals

  • snacking unhealthfully at work
  • waiting too long between meals and then over indulging

And then focus on behaviour goals to reduce the likelihood of this happening

  • Take healthy snacks to work like peppers and humous
  • Have a 200kcal snack every 2 hours

Focus on these behaviours and the outcome goal will come. But we’d love to help you to achieve more. How can we help you? Let us know in the box below


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