I am Addicted to Sugar | 3 Top Tips to Beating Sugar Addiction

The answer to this statement is, aren’t we all. The link between sugar and our brains is almost identical to that of cocaine and our brains. The common denominator is Dopamine. A feel good hormone.

The problem is that you expect it to be a lot better than it does. So you eat more of it. And here we have an addiction.



So how do you break this addiction? Follow our 3 top tips below

1. Substitute

Substitute something that is sweet but relatively healthy. For example blueberries, strawberries or an Orange. Do this each time you have a sweet craving

2. Argue with Yourself

Argue against the irrational voice in your head that is telling you to eat sugar filled foods because you feel depressed, upset or agitated. For every reason it comes up with for you to eat sweets and chocolate, you come up with a reason not to

i.e. “I want to have a biscuit, I’ve had such a tough day”…. “Nope, I understand you do but you’ll feel so bad after. And it’s never worth it is it?”

3. Get Your Kick Elsewhere

Dopamine isn’t unique to sugar. Dopamine is secreted when you exercise, when you win at something, when you’re well rested and content. Experiment with other ways that you can get a nice influx of feel good dopamine, without the binging on sugar

And if you have further questions we’d love to know. Message us via the box below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible

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