Is your job the cause of your LBP?

Lower Back Pain is very common and can be quite painful making it hard to move, sleep and go about your daily lifestyle. Many therapists tend to treat the pain rather than the cause which only allows short term effects. At Revitalize Health and Fitness clinic we are dedicated to finding the cause of your pain to ensure a long-term effect.

It is often that the type of job you are doing can influence the cause of your back pain. For example the cause could be weakened abdominals and glutes, but the influence to that cause could be sitting down for long periods of time within an office job.

So whether you are a manual labourer, retail worker or an office worker make sure you are adapting your movements accordingly. Bending at the knees when you are lifting, wearing correct footwear if you are standing for long periods of time, and adjusting your desk appropriately using ergonomic designs to take control of your back pain.

For further advice or to book an appointment so that we can treat the cause of your lower back pain call us on 01474 247629.

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