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Last night myself and web designer, Rich, were working on the web layout for iMunch, and Rich had this crazy idea that you might like to see what we’re getting up to :D. So here you are, the grind and the vision




The Grind

Now, getting up at 5am and working till late might sound like a chore to a lot of people but we relish it. We’re getting closer and closer to bringing you our vision and it’s just a short race to the finish… or the start even.


Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 12.26.00
May Kovacova. Chef and Fitness Competitor


Myself and trained chef turned physique competitor, May have worked to bring you a perfect blend of deliciousness and taste but we haven’t stopped there. We’re also running every snack through 6 food critics. A tough process which has been, well, actually pretty awesome. All of our snacks bar a few tweaks here and there have been called delicious, moreish, light, sweet (yet incredibly low sugar) and extremely satisfying! We can’t wait for you to say the same.


However the one difficulty that is common in fitness is trying to explain our methods to the general public. How do we get the science and the reasoning across in a way that a) you understand and that b) explains the benefits to you in a very concise and easily understandable way.

That’s where Jane, our copy-writer comes. She’s been tasting every snack until completely full! And thinking of great ways to relate to you the vast list of benefits to iMunch as well as describing the taste that’s bursting out of every one of our snacks. It was a great experience to watch Jane in her creative zone, coming up with fantastic ideas.

Jane, our copy writer

And as soon as our graphic designer, Prashant, has mocked up a box design, we’ll be selling every snack box through our Revitalize Shop (soon to be launched) to then launch the Official iMunch website in the new year. Exciting times!


The Vision

There is a great motive behind iMunch, and that’s to counter the problems that literally plague people trying to lose weight. See if you can relate to the following list

  • Eating out of boredom
  • Eating because you’re happy… or even sad! i.e. emotional eating
  • Waiting too long to eat… and then being so hungry you go crazy
  • Not knowing what and how much to eat to lose weight

So we have all of these problems and one solution; iMunch. Calorie controlled, nutritionally balanced snacks that keep you satisfied (both taste and hunger), which is accompanied by short and impactful ebooks that guide you towards weightloss or even weight stabilisation.

Sound good? Then write your email below to join our pre-sale list and a chance to order your Munch Box before anyone else.

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