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There is one undying principle of weight loss… you must consume less calories than you need to sustain your weight. But is this more complicated than it sounds? Yes… but not for the reasons you think it is


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We’ve been working closely with Revitalize Nutritionist, Fazal, to apply the most effective yet simplest weight loss principles to our snack range, iMunch, which is soon to be released. As he explains, the “principle of mass conservation applies to dieting” that is, you cannot create mass (i.e. fat) without the absence of it “calories”. This means to lose weight, we have to eat at a calorie deficit. The problem is that this requires you to count calories. And this is tedious, giving rise to the more complicated topic which is management of behaviour. This is the most complex component of weight loss, behaviour modification

To provide you with the perfect calorie deficit and putting your behaviour into our hands, we’re providing you with snacks on a daily basis of 900 calories. You’re then given guidance on how to consume enough food to bring you up to a healthy calorie deficit which, for most women, will be about 1200 kcal. For men this will be slightly higher, depending on your activity levels. But this is a temporary adjustment; you need to become self sufficient. 

This is why we’re accompanying our snacks with a weight loss course in the form of eBooks. These eBooks are incredibly compact (around 5 pages) yet week after week teach you Weight Loss Mastery. You’ll tap into the condensed knowledge of every team member at the Revitalize Clinic as well as industry leaders to fuel your weight loss. It’ll be great and we can’t wait to share iMunch with you in the coming weeks.

So if you’re excited to get started, sign up below for first picks of our snacks

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