Weight Lifting Myths | Put Them To Bed

Let’s discuss why weight training or resistance training is exactly what you need to get slender, toned muscles, improve your confidence and shape; in contrast to these common myths… Because some of them are just plain wrong




#1 Lifting Weights Will Make You Bulky

This is THE number one myth you’ll hear. It is what stands in between women (and some men) and their ultimate goal; a trim, slender physique. Here’s why.

Your muscle mass, if you’re not lifting weights or doing bodyweight exercises, is unchallenged. It is in a sleep like mode and is therefore loose and flaccid. When you start to train, the first thing that happens is that these muscles waken up and assume a tighter state i.e. they become more toned. This is why a lot of our 1:2:1 clients lose 7 inches form their waist or more in the first month of training. Everything is sucked in and pulled tight.

The next phase is muscular growth which happens incredibly slowly, and will firstly show as increase in tone and increase in shape. You’ll go from looking like a deskbound worker to having a far more athletic physique. And when you’re happy with your new found look, just maintain the weight that you’re lifting and nothing will change


#2 Weight Training is Inferior to Body Weight Exercises

This is also incorrect. Both forms of exercise have their benefits but they can both be used to tone and shape. The benefit of weight training however is that it’s very numerical, so it can be very rewarding each week to work to improve the repetitions of movement and the weight that you’re pushing.

Also you can develop a lot more strength and recruit more muscle fibers when weight training which leads us onto our next myth



#3 Weight Training Doesn’t Burn Calories

Wrong again! Weight training relies on exhausting muscle tissue which results in its development and also it basic activity on a day to day basis. Now, you may not burn much more than 350kcal in a weight training session; but put these weights in a circuit which is what we’re going to do, and you have a fantastic way to burn calories at an incredible rate!

The more active your muscles are, the more toned they are, the more developed they are, the more calories you’re burning in between your exercise sessions (muscles require a lot of energy), which means the more flexible you can be with your diet

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