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Believe it or not, this should be the smallest blog we’ve ever written because you may have heard me say before, on social media, motivation is fairly inconsistent. It fatigues over time like an energy supply which is why it is far more efficient to rely on habit and routine over motivation. 


But motivation serves as an almighty kick start and this is exactly why we’re going to optimise it by changing the way you communicate your goals to yourself. 




Away from Motivation

Away from motivation is when you’re motivated to move away from a negative. This is the “I hate my body and therefore I need to diet” response which is good until you stop hating your body. And no-one can hate forever. It’s good until you would “just love that chocolate bar” more than you hate the way you look. But ultimately, to hate any part of yourself is unconstructive. View this as representing 10% of our total drive in this situation

Towards Motivation

Now this is much better. This is when you’re directly moving towards a goal. This is the combination of vision and action. It is where dreams are achieved and this is beautiful.

It takes us from, “I diet because I hate my body” to “I eat well and exercise because of what my body can be… because I love my body”. It even sounds better doesn’t it. This is 90% of our total drive and we’re going to eat into this potential (no pun intended).

We do this by constantly communicating to ourselves where we’re heading rather than what we’re running from. This means that if you’re bodybuilding, you aim for a bench press of 100kg rather than trying to work away from a skinny chest.

If you’re losing weight it is, trying to fit into this dress rather than trying to diet your self away from not liking what you see in the mirror. Give it a go and let us know what you think.



We apply these principles on a daily basis at the clinic. So rather than complaining about your injury, lack of fitness or weight gain; think about what you could achieve, call us and book in a free consultation


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