Kids; getting them to eat healthfully

Kids; they’re the future but sometimes getting them to do the right thing can be a pain, right? I know. I train and provide nutritional education to 15 kids every Thursday evening and it really takes the right incentives to get them to do something positive. But let’s put things into context

health eating for kids

  • 93% of children don’t eat their 5 a day
  • Childhood obesity is increasing with 37-39% of individuals being overweight
  • Only 50% of children exercise for more than 2 hours per week (it should be at least 5 hours)

This leads to a greater chance of self esteem issues related to weight gain in later life; heart disease, stroke and even Alzheimers in later life if inactivity is maintained.

Let’s Do Something About This

First trick. Did you know that babies aren’t able to taste? That withdrawal you see when you offer them their greens is an involuntary reaction. But if they realise that this leads you to withdrawing the spoon, they’ll actually learn to use this response when it becomes voluntary to control you.

“No more greens, Mum… bring on the chocolate biscuits”

But let’s develop an environment where healthy living has no choice but to lead our kids to a healthy lifestyle. Follow the rules below

1. Get Rid of That Sweet Cupboard

Seriously, there are better ways to reward your kids than with high sugar and addictive foods. How about something that fuels their activity levels like a football, trip to the park, skipping rope? All very cheap and produce very positive results.

The problem is that a lot of discipline is required for you tp have sweet food accessible to you 24/7 and for you not to consume it. You have a choice; be dedicated for 5 minutes when you’re around the sweet aisle whilst doing your weekly shop or be dedicated for the whole time that sweet food is in the house. What’s easier?

2. No Means No

It would be selfish for your uneasiness with saying no; your guilt for saying no; i..e your own personal feelings and inconvenience to result in your children developing bad habits that ultimately could end in health wrecking consequences. No means no. When you’re in the sweet aisle, when your kids want to go to McDonalds more than once a fortnight, no means no.

3. Get Cooking

Healthy food doesn’t normally come in a packet so let’s get cooking. Like our Facebook Page for the most recent recipes! ( These are incredibly healthy and can be made in under 15mins.

By teaching your children how to cook at an early age, they’ll appreciate food and its ingredients. Food should never be a quick fix; it is something we should take responsibility over. Start off basic, once a week and by the time they’re teenagers you’ll have them fixing you dinner!

Let us know how you get on! We’re bringing a healthy Snack Range, iMunch, to you very soon. This will help your own management of healthy eating and cooking. Stay Tuned!

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