Why Motivation Sucks…

Yes I said it! If motivation was a friend it would be one of those guys who’s really up for it one second and then says “nah, I can’t be bothered”, the next. Ultimately, motivation is incredibly unreliable.

Middle aged man ready for run

And this isn’t just based on just my experience, both personal and professional. Behavioural psychologists have noted predictable positive correlations in time and the reduction of motivation i.e. motivation fatigues over time. It’s why you are more productive earlier on in the week. So how do we counter this?

Routine and Habit

Routine is like an awesome caterpillar that evolves into the even more awesome butterfly, habit. It doesn’t need motivation. It doesn’t need for you to be in a good mood. It just happens, and it is so simple to achieve. Follow the steps below

STEP ONE: Consistency

Your routine is your religion. You don’t sacrifice it for anyone. If anything attempts to get in its way, it works around your routine. Simple. When there’s a will there’s a way. I have clients that get up religiously at 5:30am to train and guess what they say;

“the first couple of weeks were hard but now it’s just routine

Start with one healthy routine, say, preparing 5 meals for next week’s lunch on a Sunday and build from there.


Keep everything that your routine relies on (time of day, where you are etc.) exactly the same. This helps to create strong neurological links to completing the routine so that you consistently feel well and balanced whilst performing the task.

STEP THREE: Baby Steps

Don’t put too much on your plate (excuse the pun). Why? Because motivation fatigues. Start with baby steps and build. Think of routine as your plant. Nurture it and watch it grow

Structure builds routine like no other. And training or dieting with our expert team can produce expert fuelled results. If you’d like to book a free consultation to discover how we can help you to achieve your goals, just contact us via

info@revitalizeclinic.co.uk  01474 247 629

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