Infinite Motivation and Predictable Weight loss

You must have seen countless examples of athletic and extremely fit individuals yelling at you to “start today”… “make a change”… “just do it!” and this works for 3 days, maybe even a week or two. But then something happens. You fall off. This is completely normal and there may be one thing that you’re missing. Routine.

Motivation fatigues over time. Routine strengthens over time.

This is why you are more productive on a Monday than a Friday but talk to anyone who has developed a routine or a habit and it is most likely that this is stronger today that it has ever been. Ronaldo routinely practices for hours before training. Churchill would routinely rise at the early hours of the morning. Motivational speaker Tony Robins has an elaborate routine to see him through his day consisting of ice baths and exercise. So what’s your routine? The following will save you time, energy and need for motivation


  • Prepare your lunch and even breakfast before the week starts and pack it away in Tupperware. This will avoid impulse buys and will provide consistent progress
  • Exercise at the same time of day, every day
  • Routinely break this routine at the same time every week (everyone needs a break, right?

Let us know how you get on! We’re currently working on iMunch to provide you with healthy snacks that need little to no preparation. If you’d like to find out more, simply email us at



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