Fix Your Eating

We’ve all been there. Food isn’t food anymore!
It’s a hug. It’s a battle! It’s a naughty love affair! Let’s fix those food goggles

The two common problems we see?

  1. Emotional eating
  2. Boredom eating

These lead to eating when you’re not in need of the calories which is inevitably going to lead to a disaster, right? Here’s 3 simple tips on how to fix this

Find a substitute

You are homosapien! Creator of civilisation, the lightbulb and space travel. Do not tell me you’re not intelligent enough to find a suitable substitute for eating out of boredom or emotional needs. If you’re feeling a bit upset or even ecstatically happy (both can lead to over eating), then pick up the phone and talk it out. If you’re bored, pick up a book, watch a film, go for a walk, play a game!

Eat Little and Often

This may take some prep, but that’s ok, we can spend an hour on a Sunday. Routine is king; it doesn’t need motivation and lacks impulsiveness. Prepare 5 healthy lunches and snacks consisting of vegetables, whole grains and lean meat to simply pick up in the morning to take to work.

Be Positive

Every negative can be turned into a positive. Stop saying, “I look fat” and start saying “I look great but if I just improved on X and Y then I think I’d be a bit happier”. Stop saying, “I’m tired” and start saying “I need more energy”. Speak to yourself positively and expect positive results

This will get you going for now! But soon, expect to see us launching iMunch, a healthy snack delivery range for women that will transform the way you look at food and interact with it. We’re talking huge taste, massively nutritious and free unlimited advice, COMING YOUR WAY!

But in the mean time, contact Revitalize Nutritionist, Fazal via He’s so thorough, he’ll go on a food shop with you to show you how it’s done! Alternatively, contact the clinic via 01474 247 629


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