Excuses and how your Relationship may be Effecting your Weightloss

Revitalize Nutritionist, Fazal, explains how simple excuses and fear of judgement can hold you back when trying to achieve your health and fitness goals.

‘Let’s go for a drink’

‘You look great as it is’

‘Why would you want to workout?”


It’s hard enough to progress towards your fitness goals without having to cope with the scrutiny that come with it. In many social circles in the modern day world, people often get looked down upon for wanting to make a change to their health or their physique. This is actually a far bigger problem than most realise.

More often than not people are a product of their environment. When the large majority of your local environment (workplace colleagues, friends, family etc.) has no interest in health this will impact both your willpower and enjoyment of the process. The biggest influencers for many will be their spouse. If they’re not on board then your fitness journey will be an uphill battle.

The solution is not to get a divorce! Or to dump all of your friends! As with any of my recommendations slow and steady changes are always the best way.

Start off by getting your partner or closest family on board with your goals. It may be that they also want to make a change but were just afraid of going it alone. At the very least they will more than likely respect your decision and help you to get where you want to be.

Follow up having someone to be accountable to. As a nutritionist I often have client seeing me regularly because they have someone keeping an eye on them and their progress. Accountability could come from an individual or multiple groups or even both. Your nutritionist may even be able to put you in touch with other people working towards a similar goal to you.

A further option is to join classes at your local gym where you will likely meet others working towards the same sort of goal as you. These places may seem intimidating at first but really most people there will be more than happy to help.

Your workplace colleagues are unavoidable but once you’ve carried out the steps mentioned they become far easier to handle. They’ll all be asking you how you did in no time!

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