Finding health is the objective, not disease

Finding health is the objective, not disease.


Why? Because you find what you look for. 


Osteopathy founder, AT Still said these words over 100 years ago and they’re more true than ever today.

Imagine someone who has injured their back, hasn’t been able to move well for years and still takes ibuprofen and paracetamol. Their pain, the disease, is eased by medication. But their social health, strength, mobility has suffered and their weight has spiralled out of control. They haven’t found health. They’re just reducing the impact of their disease. 

This simple but very important differentiation separates Osteopaths from other healthcare practitioners. 

Find health. Don’t chase disease. 


I lectured on this at length with surgeons, doctors, physios and chiropractors at the Versorium conference.



Watch the full video here 


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