20% off of Personal Training Packages until 31st January

20% off of Personal Training Packages until 31st January


it takes a team to build a person


After 8000 clients and hundreds of transformations, the award winning Revitalize Clinic Fitness Team knows this


🏋️‍♀️ Shape your body with Personal Training

🍽️ Transform your health and waistline with our Nutritionist

🧠 Make better choices with Life Coaching


Studies show that a multidisciplinary team approach significantly improves weight loss and body confidence. 


That’s why all of the above is included in your personal training package. 


Book your free consultation at the award winning Revitalize Clinic by hitting the button below


We know how hard it is. Unsolicited advice from unqualified people whilst wondering “where did the old me go?”. Being unfit is horrible. Things as menial as tying your shoelaces and walking up the stairs become a chore. Half the wardrobe could go to charity if it wasn’t for the hope of being able to fit back into those amazing clothes again, one day!


Support is needed but in the right form. A team who understands you as an individual. That means no more generic programmes and training plans. Revitalize clients can use their credits to see our personal trainers, nutritionist and life coach as part of their package. 


Instead of generic and boring, let’s start with what’s enjoyable, combining movement with fun and achievable goals. 


Because we see you! Slipping into that dress. Buttoning up that crisp suit. Your friends jaws dropping after not seeing you for a short while. Booking that holiday! The thrill of buying new swimwear.


We see that version of you. But do you?

Train with someone who knows how. Throw aside the anxiety of not knowing what you should be eating and how you should be exercising. A generic plan or website provides a generic solution. And that solution is often a complete upheaval of your lifestyle. It’s not a long term plan. 


Revitalize Personal Trainers know that the right approach is to tweak what you’re currently doing. Minimal change for maximum results because no-one sticks to what they hate. Delicious food bursting with flavour and nutrition, guided by our Personal Trainers and professional Chefs. Exercise that is so fun it inspires you to do more. Weekly to monthly weigh ins, high fives and celebrations as you drop another 2 kg of body fat. 


Is that some abdominal definition you see? You were too busy having fun to realise. That’s how your transformation will be. All in our Private Studio. Just you and your trainer. 


Book your free consultation today


Want to speak to a specialist? Go to www.revitalizeclinic.co.uk/book-appointment to book in or call 01474 356 284!

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