This is the myth of modern man

This is the myth of the modern man


You may have traded muddy feet for dress shoes, or muddy water for a frappuccino but the reality is you’re still the naked, anxious ape that your ancestors were 300,000 years ago. We all are


This comes with a particular burden


We used to run from a charging rhino. But we can’t run from our boss


Not only that, whereas a dog will get into a royal rumble at the park, come home and go to sleep, we can’t.


We have the conscious ability to see our mind and play an argument over and over again in our mind. It plagues us.


So what do we do about it? We take back control. We work to understand our minds so we can pilot it like a captain on a ship


Listen to counsellor, Trish explain and contact her to discover how you can take back control 

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