Do you leak? Pelvic health specialist Charmaine has advice

Do you leak? Charmaine, pelvic health specialist, has some advice for you


It isn’t normal to leak, dribble and generally lack urinary control at any age. Every week, Charmaine consults men and women on how to control their bladder; erections; vaginal, pelvic floor pain and more.


Your pelvic floor is a group of muscles that can be too weak, too tight, too loose etc like any other muscle. The worst thing you can do is leave an unhealthy pelvic floor. This can lead to further dysfunction. 


Speak to Charmaine; she offers free consultations over the phone where you can have a chat to stop the dribble, leakage, erectile dysfunction and more. 


Want to speak to a health and fitness specialist? Go to to book in or call 01474 356 284!

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