Suffer from anxiety? Try this tested writing technique

Suffer from anxiety? Mind racing like a hamster wheel?


And that’s without bringing in the negative thoughts that go around and around like a broken record.


Anxiety is our brain’s way of protecting us from what might happen… but something has gone wrong. The absence of a threat should correct our brain but it doesn’t. This is called prediction error. 


Ie “I’m concerned people are looking at me… no-one is looking at me… I am now calm” turns into “I’m concerned people are looking at me… I’m concerned people are looking at me… I’m concerned…” etc


Writing for 5 minutes when you feel anxious, concerned, depressed enables you to observe your thoughts rather than suffer in their grasp. It takes you from being in a burning building, so observing that burning building on a TV screen in safety. 


In this video I explain how I have been able to restore sense and calmness to my mind by spending 5 mins on the same laptop I’m using to write this email. 


Have a watch and let me know what you think by commenting / replying to this post

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