Stress can kill. Here’s how to kill your stress.

Stress is linked to early onset heart disease, diabetes, stroke and hypertension. Obviously stress is complex, but stress impacts our behavior which increases our stress. 


For example, if we’re stressed from something at work, our adrenaline spikes our blood sugar levels which quickly plummet again. This can predispose hypertension and diabetes. But if we go into a comfort hole of biscuits, chocolate and Netflix as a result it only makes matters worse.


If we can control our perception of the initial stresser, we can reduce our experience of stress.


One of my favorite ways to do this is breathe watching. Check out the video and remember that stress is complicated. If you need to speak to someone to gain ideas on how you can reduce your stress, we have a life coach and counselor for that. Email or go to to book in



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