Patient with extreme back pain shocked at his strength!

The pen is mightier than the sword; a statement which often proves true again and again in the Revitalize Pain Clinic. Socratic questions i.e. getting to the true foundations of someone’s belief often show us that the patient has fully recovered but they don’t believe they have yet. 

After a short consultation with Igancio, Albert said “he’s ready”. Ignacio was in no pain but was showing high levels of apprehension when flexing forward.

You’ll see here how Ignacio gingerly lifts some weight before lifting it more confidently, building up to 40kg and then his epiphany.

“I have broken that barrier…” said Ignacio. “From this, nothing can stop me in the future…”

Have a look at the beautiful moment that Ignacio realised he was pain free and well on his way to recovery by clicking the link to the video

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