Why you’re missing out without our Personal Trainers

You need a guide. Not a drill sergeant or a tyrant, but a guide for one very simple reason. We don’t expect our clients to train with us forever which means you need to be self-sufficient. There is no point putting in all that hard work if concrete behavioural changes haven’t been achieved.

Stephen, like our other personal trainers, applies a client led philosophy. This means, looking at you from a holistic perspective and including your social, psychological and biological context.

How is your sleep, your relationship with food, your history of exercise, your expectations etc?

By going a bit deeper, we can lay deeper roots for your progression and transform your relationship with your own behaviours, exercise and food. This means no more yo-yo dieting and building a stronger relationship with what helps you to achieve your goals than what distracts from them.

Give Stephen’s video a watch and let us know what you think

Interested in learning more? Go to www.revitalizeclinic.co.uk/book-appointment to book a free consultation


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