Pain and the Brain

Emotions are innate and pain means damage? Wrong. Pain and our emotions are concepts that our brains create to simplify the very complex world around us. 

Our brain marries information coming from the environment to internal sensations and tries to draw meaning from them. However our body often gets this wrong. 

For example, our neck and shoulders might hurt (internal) when we’re lifting something above our head (environment) and we assume we have a shoulder injury. When in fact, whilst taking a case history, we learn that you’re sleep deprived, your home life is suffering and you are generally quite upset and your pain actually started when your emotional budget started to run low. 

This then leads us to focus not just on your physical health, but better understanding and managing your mental health. Many of our patients make a much quicker, more secure recovery when they book into our mental health clinic as well as our pain clinic. 

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