Food for thought seminar with Dr Natalie St Just

Do you struggle beyond the temporary changes of fad diets? 

Dr Natalie St Just has put her psychologist and life coaching hat on to deliver to you, the perfect tool box to take control over your lifestyle. 

Available online over 3 weeks, work with Dr Natalie St Just to 

Learning Objectives

  • Think differently about your food and eating habits
  • Make a gentle change to your lifestyle that you can maintain
  • Listen to your body so you can eat what your body needs
  • Know what gets in the way of making healthy changes
  • Develop healthy eating habits you can sustain one step at a time

This course is designed to be part of your journey towards living the kind of healthy lifestyle you want to have in years to come. This is why we will not be promoting dieting, but instead promoting a change in habits and lifestyle that will lay the foundation for healthy eating.  

Book on at

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