How we know what’s causing your back pain.

People with back pain want to know what’s causing their pain. But they’re often shocked when we successfully diagnose and treat their pain without use of an MRI or X-Ray. This is because your physical examination and consultation gives us more qualitative information as to why you’re in pain.


Is anything serious going on?

We check for back pain associated with signs of bone cancer or severe spinal damage etc. This enables us to keep you safe. We often refer patients back to their doctors with a letter for further examination if we need to.


Is there neurological involvement?

We test for nerve irritation as this can indicate a longer recovery time and the need for different management.


What movements are you intolerant of?

We can then create a map of movements which you are intolerant of. This may match an anatomical picture or it can just let us know which movements you’re sensitive to. 


This process enables us to make sure you are safe to treat and that we can accurately diagnose your pain. From there we can create a plan of action to help you.


If you would like us to diagnose your injury, go to the link below to book in. We find that patients often feel assured and in control when they know what is causing their pain 

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