Benefits of the KETO Diet | #ASKELL by Mica

Want to lose weight and eat all of the meat and dairy you want? Who wouldn’t? That’s why so many people go for the KETO diet. 

People on the KETO diet think they’re conducting some ingenious biochemistry on their fat metabolism… but they’re not

The Keto diet is essentially reducing your carbohydrate intake to consume most of your calories from protein and fats.

It is a very challenging diet and often causes people to binge on food which is high in saturated fats and lower in micronutrients due to the very strict restrictions on carbohydrate consumption which leads to a reduced intake of fruit. 

However, for those who are less than 15% body fat it can be an extremely effective way to reduce body fat.

This is because you limit insulin spikes. Insulin is secreted when digesting carbohydrates. This also causes the storage of fat.  What is spoken of less of the time is that insulin also causes muscle gain. This is why many people cycle their consumption of carbohydrates around training

The main benefit of Keto is that is hugely changes people’s consumption of calories. This is why so called “Experts” can provide guidance such as “eat as much as you like” because when people limit their food sources, they tend to eat less.

The issue is that such high consumption of saturated fats can really ramp up risk of inflammation, heart disease, diabetes, stroke and cancer My advice would be to stick to a majority whole food plant based diet. If you want to eat meat or fish, use it for flavouring  

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