Finding Meaning and Purpose in Quarantine

Since I last saw you, you may have been able to come up with a routine with some nice goals. These should give you a sense of achievement or connectivity to people.
But now we need some goals. But these need to fit into our current context of quarantine.
Our values provide the context or the drive behind these goals. So where our context may have changed, our values haven’t. Our values are behind the goals.
Ask what your values are
For example, you go to the gym (goal) because you value health
So how can you take this value and set goals within quarantine? Stay flexible and stay creative.
Home exercises, walking, running etc are good examples
And you may even notice you have time to build on your other current values. This may be the environment, spirituality, your relationships, education etc.
Think about what you care about and how these may manifest itself at this point in time
Key questions to ask
  1. what do I care about?
  2. what kind of person do I want to be in these areas?
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