Happy Martin Luther King Day

Happy Martin Luther King Day. Aren’t we lucky that so many people have come before us to fight for the freedom and privilege that we enjoy today. Who’s your hero?
I have read some of (ashamedly not all of) MLK’s biography. One thing that stood out to me. He doubted himself so often. Every step of the way he doubted everything he stood for. He doubted the support he had attained. And he still went on to change the world and trail blaze a people to freedom who hadn’t experienced freedom for over 400 years.
A message that will apply to all from this is that a captain can doubt himself or his ship; but as long as he sails towards the same coordinates, despite rough seas he will reach his / her destination.
So no matter the climate, keep sailing. And we’re at your service during those rough seas
So… who is your hero? 😄
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