Eating for Health (Pain relief, health and weight loss)

Eating for Health

Did you know that there’s a correlation between our diet and not just our weight and general health but also our pain?
Plant based foods that are brightly coloured are high in antioxidants which reduce inflammation whereas processed foods that cause us to gain weight such as processed meats, dairy and sugar are high in free radicals which raise inflammation and predispose obesity, causing pain.
A brilliant recommendation by one of my clients was to post about what I eat to keep my body well nourished. I avoid meat, dairy and fish and try to consume as many whole plants as I can. I have also included a few example meals and a recipe below for my favourite Caribbean Squash and chickpea curry.

Lessons to apply:

  1. eat loads of plants
  2. find an activity that you enjoy
  3. avoid processed foods and animal products

Caribbean Curried Chickpeas and Squash

I think I have just cooked a dish that will show you all that you can eat delicious food that protects your body from disease AND tastes amazing. I have been asked by a few of you guys to post not just the ingredients but also the protective value of these ingredients. Researching a few of them has struck me so strongly as to how much of a blessing food is and how its protection over us is medicine in itself.
With my clients I like to tally up with + and – how much our food is protecting us. Every ingredient below is a +. Remove them and the benefits of this meal reduces. Add animal products and processed foods and all of a sudden we have food that could be in fact working against us rather than for us
One thing I would recommend is trying to grab some Caribbean curry powder. It made a significant difference to the taste (I was surprised as to how much). As it was cooking it was amazing to smell the Caribbean flavours coming so strongly from the kitchen. Indian cooking I find delicious and more aromatic. Caribbean cooking equally delicious has a more tropical and deeper flavour. It hits the back of your palate and your soul! Let me know what you think!
Berries and vegan protein smoothie Granola with mixed fruit and flax
Tofu scram with jerk seasoning and kale, beet root, grilled asparagus and vegan pulled pork on toast

Ingredients and Benefits of the below foods:


x1 Squash – Vit A, B6 and C; tissue repair, organ health and immune booster
x2 cans Chickpeas and x1 can Black Eyed Peas – high in protein and fibre beneficial for muscle growth and colon health. Also reduces hunger to reduce eating
x1 Onion – Vit C and anti-oxidants – tissue repair and cancer fighter
x4 Garlic Cloves – Vit C and anti-oxidants – tissue repair and cancer fighter
x1 Thumb of Ginger – Gingerol which reduces ashiness, nausea and anti-inflammatory
x2 Red Peppers – folic acid – reduces risk of cancer by maintaining DNA replication

Caribbean Seasoning

x 2 Tsp Caribbean curry powder – mixture of spices that reduce inflammation
Palm size Thyme – Vit C – Tissue repair
x 1 Tsp Black Pepper – Anti- inflammatory
x1 Tsp Chilli Pepper (birds eye chillies) – contains capsaicin which may increase metabolism
x1 Tsp Paprika – another anti-oxidant which stabilises cell metabolism which reduces likelihood of cancer

Sauce (blended)

x1 Can of Coconut Milk – another anti-oxidant which can reduce likelihood of cancer and normalises cell processes
Vegetable Stock
x3 Portabello Mushrooms – reinforce with Vit D to increase calcium metabolism (nerve and bone health)
Real simple. Dice the ingredients in the body of the curry. Remove the butternut squash. Brown the remaining ingredients in a small amount of vegetable oil. Then add the squash
Add the seasoning when the body has browned
Blend the sauce and add. Add water need be to cover the body. Raise the heat to a simmer and then drop the heat and cover for 30mins
Last step. Share the recipe, share the health and let me know what you think!
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