I’ll Treat You For Free

This is one of the more difficult posts to write to you because if I pull this off I think it will be transformational to someone you know.
As you might know, we have helped over 4000 individuals to eliminate their pain and live a full life. Now to you that might just seem like a blessing of convenience. To us, a pain free and fit individual is cutting their risk of health anxiety, depression, inactivity and subsequent stroke, diabetes, heart disease, cancer to a fraction of what it was. That’s less early mortality, less family devastation and more lives being lived to the full
But you don’t see what we see. You don’t see the thought processes, the strategy, the treatment, psychology and the planning that go into taking someone from A to B. And I want you to see what we do and how we transform people’s lives
I am offering a FREE course of treatment for 2 individuals suffering from chronic pain (pain lasting longer than 1 year) that has been unresponsive to treatment thus far
The only condition is that I can film and document the process. Don’t worry, you’ll be in comfortable attire, fully clothed the entire time
Ready to make a change? Then I want to talk to you. Share this and message me your details so I can have a chat with you and see if you’re best suited to the process
Only 2 will be selected but you have to be in it to win it, so drop me a message and we’ll get to work
I’ll be doing the same for herbal medicine later this week so stay tuned!
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