Running Injury Prevention eBook

Running protects your physical and mental health, and we want you to keep going! No more injuries!
Download Iron Runner for FREE so you can prevent injuries and become a faster runner
We have treated the injuries of over 3000 patients in your area (Kent and South East London), many of them runners who just cannot wait to get back on the road. The problem is that they have muscular imbalances, training programmes and running techniques that predispose and maintain injuries.
And the reality is that 23% of injured runners give up. They give up their protection against heart disease, diabetes, depression, anxiety and more.
So my goal is that if I can put some of our expertise in an eBook that helps you to protect your running from the risk of injuries, and back into what you love then it’s a job well done
Let me know what you think of it!
And we love what we do, so any questions regarding your running injury, just ping us a message or an email.
It’s been a passion, pleasure and joy helping so many people over the last 5 years. Thank you for reading his and allowing us to continue to help you transform your health and fitness
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