Death | What I have learnt from one of my favourite patients, Ruth Meredith

One of my patients who I have had the absolute joy of sharing time with, has passed.
Seneca the philosopher said “death is an open door” that we must eventually walk through. How we walk through that door matters
Ruth walked through that door extremely intelligent, witty, experienced, loved, brave and full of as much life as she could muster.
I want to walk through that door with every ounce of human potential that I could have mustered whilst being here. After having helped as many other people as I can to do the same. Loved. With as much knowledge of the world and all its beauty as I can
How do you want to walk through that door?
And until that time comes, let’s make the walk up to that door as long, as joyful and productive as it could be.
Rest in peace, Ruth
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