Back Pain | Getting Back to What you Love : Trisha’s Story

Back Pain and Running

To lose something that you enjoy so much can be incredibly upsetting. But to take away something that you rely on for happiness or stability can be incredibly devastating.

Trisha knows this better than anyone. As a local counsellor and avid runner, she was determined to get back to what she loved most after suffering a spinal injury; running. However sometimes it can take the right approach and luckily after her trying multiple practitioners, we were able to effectively treat her back pain.

As I have mentioned numerous times before, pain is an intolerance to load. Once we build tolerance to load (psychologically, physically, physiologically), pain will reduce.

We started with very basic core strengthening exercises before moving onto more advanced running specific exercises, introducing impact and endurance. See the full plan below

Now, Trisha is enjoying her running again and is able to reintroduce equilibrium back into her life

Remember, we love to help and even more to talk so please, if in trouble, book in by contacting us via the box below

And feel free to have a look at Trisha’s rehab plan below. Just search the exercises on youtube


Phase One
Pain Relief (desensitisation, pain education, home tools/ management)
1. dynamic warm up prvs to running
Phase two
Rehabilitation (Education on process; Backwards engineer end goal; Strategise graded improvements to function)
1. dead bug (5 x 20, build up to)
2. glute bridges, on calf (5 x 20, build up to)
1. weighted goblet squats to calf raise (5 x 20, build up to)
2. dead bug (5 x 20, build up to)
3. glute bridges, on calf (5 x 20, build up to)
1. lunges to calf raise (5 x 20, build up to)
2. glute bridges, on calf (5 x 20, build up to)
1. explosive step ups (5 x 20, build up to)
2. pistol squats, box (5 x 20, build up to)
3. posterior planks, single leg (5 x 20, build up to)
Maintenance Plan to address:
1. last stage of rehab
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