Jane’s Journey | It’s not all about Weight Loss

It’s not all about weight loss… It really isn’t

Jane, in my mind, has the ideal balance of living a healthy lifestyle and enjoying herself. I’ll tell you why

When many people dedicate themselves to a “healthy” lifestyle, they go way, way overboard.

  1. Their bodyfat shoots down, causing a hormone called Leptin to do the same, creating the starvation response which creates irresistible urges
  2. They don’t enjoy their “new lifestyle” enough for endorphins (feel good hormones) like dopamine and  serotonin to peak more than they would do if they were do watch TV and eat junk… in other words their addiction to their previous lifestyle is too strong to overcome
  3. Their friends and family don’t follow their current “new year, new me…” lifestyle and “conformity” takes place. Conformity is the psychological phenomena which causes you to do what your fellow homo-sapiens are doing

For Jane, the aesthetic benefits of becoming fitter have been a secondary benefit to her overall health. Mentally and physically stronger, ready to take on and enjoy physical challenges (runs, mountain climbing etc.). It is possible to open up an entire lifestyle of joy that was previously impossible to access.

So let’s see how Jane addresses the 3 barriers above that block other people from achieving a long term healthy lifestyle change

  1. Weight loss has been consistent whilst body recomposition has been drastic. In other words, we use weight training to change Jane’s appearance quickly whilst her body fat progressively reduces
  2. Enjoyment is key. We keep to certain exercises to continually progress in the direction Jane would like to, but we mix up her training sessions for enjoyment too. Boxing, explosive training, sprint work etc are all things that Jane enjoys
  3. Jane is constantly taking new challenges with friends and family to boost the enjoyment factor as well as conformity to her healthy lifestyle

You see! It’s a psychological game. Win your mind and you win the game and we would love to help you to get there. We have a whole team ready to help. Just send us a message below and we’ll book you in for a free consultation

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