How to Fix Your Herniated Discs | 3 Steps


If you have ever injured the discs in your back, you and I both know that it can be excruciating

I had a patient a few weeks ago who was a typical example; suffering from multiple disc herniations after a golfing holiday. Not a good way to end the trip

The pain was relentless, it felt like someone had thumped him repeatedly in the back and buttocks. And he was really unlucky, with resultant damage to the nerves in his legs. So what do we do in this situation?

  1. Increase pain free mobility
  2. Increase stability of the area
  3. Improve strength
  4. Improve function

A typical and basic format of this would be

  1. cat cows
  2. a scaled version of the plank or core activation exercises
  3. improvements to rotational strength to enable a reintroduction to his golf swing
  4. correctly cue the golf swing in broken parts to enable a confident reintroduction to Golf

The result? Discs are strengthened, mobility is returned and you are far less likely to encounter this type of injury again

You or your loved ones may be experiencing back pain where an underlying injury like this may be present. Book in for a free consultation so that we can tell you how we can help

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