My Strategy for Bereavement; death of a loved one

There will be moments that change your life forever

Do you have memorable moments like this?

Above is a picture of me and my friend Ben. We would train together, go to school together, box together. It’s interesting to me that since he passed, 10 years ago, so much of what I have dedicated myself to is like a ripple to stone cast into a pond; it is directly related to his passing.

I had the pleasure of delivering a talk on bereavement last Tuesday. I feel the more meaning we can draw from traumatic situations, the more manageable the experience is; and helping others to deal with their trauma is something that we at the clinic have become really good at

There were a couple of books I recommended; the Chimp Paradox (a strategy to manage your irrational mind) and Man’s Search for Meaning (how prisoners in Auschwitz were motivated by the pursuit of love / seeing their families again in the worst conditions imaginable)

I feel that meeting with a group who were experiencing similar emotional states hugely helped me come to terms with what I hadn’t in ten years

And there was one factor that we universally agreed on within the group; counselling is incredibly effective at dealing with bereavement

Our minds are very quick to create belief systems that may not be entirely beneficial to us in the long run

“why did’t you do more… why didn’t you save them… why didn’t you listen to your instincts”

Completely irrational nonsense… which can be a corrosive as acid to your mental health

Our beliefs are entirely subjective but they should fundamentally benefit and enrich our existence

I want you, if you’re ready, to have a chat with Nicole, our counsellor. She has proven to be incredibly effective at helping our patients come to terms with what may be causing their mental downturn and bereavement has been a central topic for many

Just fill out the form if you’re ready and I’ll put you in touch for a free over the phone consultation

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