New Fitness Class | What Do You Think?

 Hey! I wanted to ask you what you thought about the idea behind our new weight loss class

Tell me if you have noticed the same thing; but it seems way to easy to fall into the trap of yo-yoing. I’ve been there myself

This ultimately happens because we fall back into a dominant routine. But this a lot of the time isn’t dictated by ourselves, it’s dictated by our “tribe”.

You may have noticed that you took on certain characteristics of your spouse, or friends; and will act differently according to whose company you’re in

Well, when this “tribe” comes with chocolate cake, takeaways and lazy nights in, it’s hard to say no, right?

That where “Fight or Flight” comes in

We’ll be launching a new competitive weight loss class soon where you will join your team, your new tribe, to fight it out to lose the most weight as a team in 8 weeks for a prize

We’ll give you dietary advice to guide you the whole way

Let me know what you think as this is still a work in process. Just fill the form below

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