Arthritis | Beating Arthritic Pain with Pain Relief and Light Exercise

Arthritis is a bit like rust on a car

In the sense that, your car may be covered in it… and still run absolutely fine

This is because, arthritis is a finding, not necessarily a diagnosis. I.e. it is an observation. Now this may be a shock to you, because of how much pain you’re in. But considering your pain came on instantly, and arthritis develops over decades, you can see the disconnect it putting all of your pain down to arthritis

So what do we do?

First priority is pain relief. We reduce your pain with gentle massage, traction and joint articulation. Now pain is now and mobility is up, we can strengthen the joints. This enables the joints to dissipate force throughout the musculature and strengthening exercises can actually reduce pain purely because your nervous system starts to come round to the idea that the joint can handle what you want to put it through

We love working with patients suffering from arthritis because a lot of the time, there is such huge potential and huge reward for them. For example, take a look at Mrs Thomas below who came to us in 2013 to avoid knee replacement surgery

We were able to stabilise her blood sugar levels, help her to drop 2 stone in body weight all whilst rehabilitating her knee

I would love to speak with you further about how we can help to reduce your daily suffering in dealing with arthritis related pain. Please leave your details below and we’ll have a chat over the phone or get you booked in for a free consultation


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