Pain | What Your Doctor Isn’t Telling You

Hey, what would you think if I told you, (no trick question)….

  • That pain doesn’t need damage or an injury to exist
  • Pain killers become a lot less effective after pain is 3 months old… because the pain is no longer coming from that injured area
  • Pain doesn’t exist until your brain produces it (like eye sight or smell)
  • You need to know how to control your pain

Let me explain. Pain is your mind’s way or interpreting the outside world. Sometimes it gets it really right, and you avoid further harm. Other times it gets it really wrong, and it causes you to avoid “painful” situations (like picking up a something light) even when there is no danger. Chronic pain, a lot of the time, occurs when there is no damage at all

These are the symptoms of chronic pain (i.e. pain that is a form of hypersensitivity, rather than actual injury)

  • there is little trend to your pain. I.e. some days are good, some bad for little reason
  • your pain has a relationship to your emotions i.e. it can get you down, and when you’re down, it feels even worse
  • pain has lasted longer than 3 months
  • the littlest thing i.e. bending over to pick something up; aggravates your pain

It is your body’s way of creating an automatic feedback loop so you don’t have to wait for damage to protect yourself… because you’re now protecting yourself at all times… even when there’s no need to protect yourself

So how do we get rid of this nuisance?

We calm the response and then show your body that there is no need for the pain response in the first place. Below is a common approach that we use at the clinic


Calm the Response

  • reassure the patient
  • massage and light stretching / articulation
  • joint manipulation
  • show the patient self massage techniques

Remove the need for the response

  • self articulation (controlled / novel exercise)
  • bracing exercises
  • body weight exercises
  • light to heavy strengthening exercises


This is how we’re eliminating the pain of thousands of patients. Interested? Hit the link below for a free consultation. Many patients fall into the mistake of thinking no-one can help them. Pessimism is also a feature of chronic pain. But not you, right?! Didn’t think so. Fill the form below for your free consultation and let’s take your pain by the horns!

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