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What do you do? Strengthen your weakest links, or focus on your strengths? The Chinese weight lifters have to some what would appear to be a hybrid method of training. They focus on their main lifts whilst almost applying bodybuilding like methods to the muscle tissue around their knees, shoulders, and hips
Why? Because these are the junctional areas that load must be efficiently transferred to, to avoid injury and promote performance
The neck in olympic weightlifting is a junctional area
Tractional load from the arms is transferred to this area during the clean, deadlift and pull phase of the snatch. It is then reloaded during the jerk
Don unfortunately had a combination of nerve root irritation and strain to his neck and shoulders
We used multiple manipulations and deep tissue work for pain relief before focusing on a programme to progressively strengthen these areas to improve Dom’s resistance to trauma and thus, reduce his liklihood of re-injury
This was a programme of:
  • deep, weighted pull ups
  • heavy lateral and front raises
  • resisted concentric and eccentric deep neck work
Give it a go and let me know your thoughts. And remember, a free consultation is only a message away
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