Gurleen | Lifter by morning, Accountant by day

Gurleen Small
#ForTheMotivated | Accountant by day, Lifts by morning
Half a stone down, 2 inches lost from her waist, Gurleen is feeling better than ever
I find it hard to turn down hard work and Gurleen does too. “I have a 7am Wednesday and Sunday, how does that sound”… “Let’s do it…”
Gurleen certainly isn’t following any trends. There aren’t many desk bound workers I know who can put in the work Gurleen does. We’ve been getting Gurleen fit after her wedding. We combine squats, deadlifts and press movements into her circuits to create the perfect recipe for toned, shaped muscles and excellent fitness.
But Gurleen wasn’t always able to smash sessions like she does. She was aching for 4-5 days after her first session. It’s a week we all have to get through, but she did it and nows she hits every sessions with a vengeance
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