Is your heavy baby bump getting too much? | Sports Therapy

Have you ever heard of Kinesiology tape or K-tape? All you need to know is that it can reduce the pain you are suffering. K-tape isn’t just for sports injuries it can be used to support your baby bump which will reduce the pain that is slowly weighing you down.



Previous patients have felt the relief instantly and would highly recommend explaining that’ k-tape has provided a huge amount more relief than shop bought baby belts!

How it works? The tape is applied at a stretch and therefore has a lifting effect on your skin, this takes pressure off of the painful areas allowing fresh blood and nutrients to pass through which decreases pain and, if present, swelling.

So if you have a long day or week ahead of you where you will be on your feet for a number of hours you can book an appointment that morning or even the night before to alleviate and minimise the tension felt throughout your long days.

The appointment will only take ten minutes and even better you can keep it on for up to five days so that’s FIVE DAYS of benefits from one quick appointment!

Call us on 01474 247629 or use the below form to receive  more information.

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