5 Top Tips to Lose Weight

Written by Fazal, our nutritionist at the clinic. By treating everyone he sees as individuals, Fazal is able to understand the problems of clients and offers advice and information as appropriate. He believes in coaching that should make good nutrition a part of people’s lives for the rest of their lives.

  • As much as we want everything to happen right away, weight loss and muscle gain takes time. Crash diets can help you lose weight but research shows most people regain it again. Think long term and change your habits, psychology and behaviour whilst learning about the basics. Give time for these changes to stick and progress will be consistent and easy to maintain causing weight to stay off or muscle to stay on.
  • To prevent overeating at main meals and through the day try to eat food high in fibre. Fibre fills us up which means we will instinctively eat less but without feeling like we’re ‘dieting.’ Foods high in fibre include potatoes (with the skin), beans, cruciferous vegetables (vegetables with a crunch), oats and many different forms of peas.
  • Iron anaemia is results from an iron deficiency. If you feel dizzy, tired, and cold or look paler we recommend you get checked. They are more common amongst women and/or vegetarians. Reduce the chances of an iron deficiency by eating more spinach, red meat and chick peas.
  • Fats don’t make you fat. They are an important macronutrient (one of the main food groups) that provide many benefits. The problem is overconsumption of foods in general which could well include fats which are very easy to over consume.
  • Watch out for ‘weight loss’ supplements and shakes. Most of them are loaded with cheap ingredients that don’t do anything for weight loss. On top of this they may contain some harmful ingredients; it’s more than likely that all they’ll help to slim is your wallet!
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