There is a terribly unnecessary void between the so called big and the small. The “genetically gifted” and ungifted which perpetuates into stereotyping and judgemental beliefs. We have “big” people classing those who are “fitness fanatics” as judgemental and annoying. We have “fitness fanatics” judging bigger people as lazy and as having low standards


Health comes in all shapes and sizes and just because you’re skinny doesn’t mean you’re healthy. Likewise, if you’re big and haven’t any longterm health issues, it doesn’t mean you won’t in the near future. Hopefully if we stop this classist way of looking at people, we can fill this void with people who are willing to live healthy lifestyles no matter what their shape, size or creed.

But first let’s clear some things up


  • First of all, being overweight is predisposed by your genetics; period. It’s not an excuse if you’re eating rubbish all the time BUT, some people are more inclined to put on weight than others. This even translates into exercise preference (i.e. running is much easier if you weigh less)
  • Secondly, running is not for everyone, just like lifting weights isn’t for everyone. It’s important to find a sport or activity that you enjoy and inevitably will therefore be good at
  • Lastly, people have different barriers to their ability to exercise and eat well. Everything from being scared to touch a chocolate once in a while for the fear of gaining a percentile in body fat, to the other end of the scale which is “I need comfort in the form of food”
    BUT the bottom line is that you will never force or convince a person to make a lifestyle change. It has to be a revelation that they make by themselves; so your judgemental comments will do no good.

But onto the topic of “Health comes in all shapes and sizes”. I’m going to show you how bigger and smaller people can be healthy.

What is health

Health is literally the ability of the body to perform in an optimal state. Note, this has nothing to do with size or shape. Appearance can give us clues but not the way you think



For example, same woman each side. This may be an advert for cosmetic products but if I were to ask you

  1. which side looks less stressed
  2. which side looks more rested
  3. which side looks healthier?

Which side would you vote?

Now if we contrast stress and tiredness between the images below? And ask the same questions?


Once again you’ll see how health doesn’t necessarily come down to shape all the time. In fact if I were to ask

  1. who takes better care of themselves
  2. who eats more junk food
  3. who look nutritiously better balanced

You might say the lady on the right hand side. It call comes down to this final point. There is too much judgement and too little doing. Too many women (and men) are judging the shapes and appearances of their female celebrities i.e. “have you seen how much weight X from TOWIE has put on”… “hasn’t she let herself go”. And this same attitude that you may express comes round and bites you on the bum in your own community. It causes you to be scared to jump on the scales, to go to a gym, to wear a certain dress. Many people are even depressed enough by the thought that they exercise even less. They eat even more for comfort.

Call to action is to stop judging health and well being by shape and size. Health is related to your actions and lifestyle. Not your appearance. So start acting and start living

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