Building Hip Mobility and Strength

BREAKING NEWS: stretching isn’t very good for building mobility You just need to add one thing to get maximum results when building mobility and that’s load. I have a lot of patients who do copious amounts of stretching but it isn’t until they add load / strength building that their flexibility massively improves. This is…

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How to lose belly fat | #ASKMAY

I asked May, “how to lose belly fat”. It’s our most commonly asked question and if you’re focusing on the exercises you’re doing, you may have been misled. But don’t worry! We have a solution. Diet By reducing your consumption of excessive calories, you will be feeding your belly to a degree that you cannot…

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The cycle of change with Dr Natalie St Just

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When was the las time you dedicated yourself to change? You may be able to spot a pattern below, discussed by Dr Natalie St Just at the clinic the other Saturday, during her Psychology for Weight Loss seminar #1 Why are you feeling conflicted?  It’s time to put down that bad habit as a coping…

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I wrote an eBook for Runners

  Many of you are well on your way in training for the London Marathon. I’ve written an eBook to help you in your last push to get up to 20+miles OR to help you with running in general. In this eBook I have collated my foundational knowledge on running and injury prevention / rehab…

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