Bev is reversing her age with PT Maya.

Beverley came to Maya after realising that tasks like getting up from the sofa and opening jars was becoming difficult. Beverley was also tripping more; her posture was hunched and movement was sluggish.


This may sound familiar.


However, after 3 months of strength training with Maya and doing some homework,


Beverley is:


👗 Looking great

🏃‍♀️ Moving like it’s 1999

🧠 Thinking and feeling better than she has in years


“I haven’t felt like this since my 30s” says 62 year old, Beverley French. “I fit into clothes I haven’t put on in years”…


And Beverley is just one of our ten thousand clients who are building strength in later life.


Which is great. A loss of strength is the number 1 risk factor for early death.


Why? Because strong muscles and bones drive the need for larger hearts, lungs and healthy brains to coordinate it all. 


So if you want to live a long, more enjoyable and happier life,


Book your free consultation with an exercise professional, today.


We’ll create a bespoke plan to ease you into a more active lifestyle and transform your health. 


Afterall, we only get one shot at it 😀


Book your free consultation or full appointment at the award winning Revitalize Clinic by going to 

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